Trivia Search Level 241 to 260 Answers

Here are the answers to Trivia Search Level 241 to 260.
Trivia Search Level 241 – Tricked By Law Enforcement – Entrapment, Solve The Anagram. Regicnpi – Piercing,

Slumber Party’s Weapon of Choice – Pillow, More Than Enough Of Something – Plenty
Trivia Search Level 242 – A Way To Improve Sales – Promotion, One who Foretells The Future – Prophet, A Family Of Lizards – Reptiles, Someone Who Guards An Entrance – Gatekeeper
Trivia Search Level 243 – A Promise For The Newyear – Resolution, Oysters Are What Type of Seafood? – Shellfish, Solve The Anagram. Hpeces – Speech, Fictional Supervillain With Powerful And Overwhelming Force – Juggernaut
Trivia Search Level 244 – Something That Has Been Built – Structure, Have Challenges Doing Something – Struggle, Only For A Short Period Of Time – Temporary, A Custom or Belief That Has Been Used For A Long Time – Tradition
Trivia Search Level 245 – Solve The Anagram: Suesrd – Trussed, Dress To Impress For Dinner – Tuxedo, A Ceremony For Two – Wedding, Treats Mental Illness – Psychiatrist
Trivia Search Level 246 – Weakness In The Heel – Achilles, Solve The Anagram: Ltanre – Antler, A Formal Arrangement To Meet – Appointment, A Joint Disorder – Arthritis
Trivia Search Level 247 – A Way of Thinking or Feeling That Reflects Your Behavior – Attitude, A Plan on How Money Will Be Spent – Budget, Find the Related Words. Butler: _____:_____ – Maid, Steward
Trivia Search Level 248 – A Term Used For Baby Cows – Calves, One Who Makes And Repairs Wooden Objects And Structures – Carpenter, Remedy For Dry Lips – Chapstick, A Serious Performance on Stage or A Serious Event – Dram
Trivia Search Level 249 – Complete The Homophone:Draft – Draught, Solve The Anagram: Xageergitno – Exaggeration, Whwn It’s Money Back – Guarantee, Ashamed of Your Own Actions – Guilty
Trivia Search Level 250 – A Type of Symptom One Might Have – Headache, Someone Who Kills For A Living Is A ______ _____ – Bounty, Hunter, Unable To Do Something Correctly – Incapable

Trivia Search Level 251 – To Not Accept Something – Decline, Speaks Louder Than Words – Actions, Ducks Do Not Live On This Continent – Antarctica, The Outer Shell of A Person – Appearance
Trivia Search Level 252 – Action After Doing Something Wrong – Apologize, A Disagreement In An Angry Way – Argument, A part On The Dart Board – Bullseye, Solve The Anagram: Bacgabe – Cabbage
Trivia Search Level 253 – Supplies Money, Food, or Help To Those In Need Is A _____ _____ – Charity, Event, A Planned Event Is No Longer Taking Place – Cancelled, Deals With Heart Disease – Cardiologist
Trivia Search Level 254 – Complete The Homophone: Shoot – Chute, An Order Given.. – Command, Not Believing The Truth – Denial, Needing Help Every Time – Dependent
Trivia Search Level 255 – Always Repeats Itself – History, One Must Breathe Through – Nostril, Who Answers The Phone When You Dial 911? – Operator, What Is The World’s Largest Ocean? – Pacific
Trivia Search Level 256 – Measurements of An Object – Dimension, Solve The Anagram. Besisvseo – Obsessive, Amount of Space Between Two Places – Distance, Enjoys Making Up Stories – Fabricate
Trivia Search Level 257 – A Word To Use For Good Wishes To A person Starting A journey – Godspeed, The Unsung Heros In This Society.. – Firefighter, One Who Is Unfriendly And Antagonistic – Hostile, Complete The Compound Word. ____Hammer – Jack
Trivia Search Level 258 – Fighting Between Armed Forces – Combat, A Horse Rider – Jockey, Sold In The Neighborhood – Lemonade, Chili Con Carne Often Contains Which Type of Bean? – Kidney
Trivia Search Level 259 – A Certain Type of Fruit – Melon, A Wife’s Gift For Both Parties – Lingerie, Complete The Name Of Dish. _____& Cheese – Macaroni, Solve The Anagram: Samsde – Massed
Trivia Search Level 260 – Where Magic Happens For Some of Us – Mistletoe, Heat Up The Leftovers – Microwave, Half Human And Half Fish – Mermaid, Strong Feeling or Desire For Something – Passion

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