Trivia Search Level 201 to 220 Answers

Here are the answers to Trivia Search Level 201 to 220.
Trivia Search Level 201 – Awakened Fantasy – Daydream , Protective Armor For Motorist – Helmet,

A Piece of Writing on A Particular Subject – Essay, Ability To See Oneself – Reflection
Trivia Search Level 202 – Early Stage of Life – Infant, An Array of Feelings – Emotions, To Speak Highly Of Someone You Admire – Praise, Capable Of Producing Evil or Harm – Maleficent
Trivia Search Level 203 – Walkers of The Street – Pedestrian, Intellectual Capacity – Brain, An Irresistible And Uncontrollable Urge – Complusive, An Artwork of Oneself – Portrait
Trivia Search Level 204 – One Who Breaks The Law On The Streets – Jaywalker, Someone Who runs At a Certaion pace – Jogger, One Who Brings Harmony To Quarrels of Others – Peacemaker, Activity To Sustain Health And Fitness – Exercise
Trivia Search Level 205 – What Is Known as a Very Tall Building? – Skyscraper, Another Word For A Metropolitan Area – Downtown, A Type of Congestion – Traffic, Bumper To Bumper – Tailgate
Trivia Search Level 206 – Putting Yourself In A Favorable Position – Davantage, A Necessity To Have Time Away From The Kids – Babysitter, An Invitation To Compete – Challenge, A Person That Sells or Buys Things Is a What? – Dealer
Trivia Search Level 207 – A Breed of 101 – Dalmatain, Solve The Anagram: Deencive – Evidence, Trash or Waste Material – Garbage, Someone Who Is A Suckup – Bootlicker
Trivia Search Level 208 – Thirst Quencher” – Gatorade, Dip Created By The Aztecs – Guacamole, Complete The Homophone: Hire – Higher, What Do You Call Someone Who Talks Too Much? – Chatterbox
Trivia Search Level 209 – A Type of Assignment – Homework, One Who Cannot Make A Sound Decision – Indecisive, Decider In The Court of Law – Judge, One Who Enjoys Playing Cupid – Matchmaker
Trivia Search Level 210 – A Method of Communication – Language, Main Language In The Country China – Mandarin, A Group of People Who Are Closely Connected That Share Information – Network, A Savage Group That Lacks Culture And Refinement – Barbarians

Trivia Search Level 211 – A Game Of Numbers – Blackjack, Without Risk, There Is No Reward – Gamble, Find the Related Words. Casino: _____:_____ – Players, Dealer
Trivia Search Level 212 – To Make A Lengthy Journey – Travel, Hidden Treasure By This Creature – Leprechaun, Solve The Anagram: Coucipde – Occupied, A Slap On The Wrist – Penalty
Trivia Search Level 213 – A Type of Establishment – Restaurant, The Main Course – Entree, Tactile Feeling of A Surface – Texture, A Place That You Are Going – Destination
Trivia Search Level 214 – Assorted Colors Up High – Rainbow, A Doctor Who Treats Sick Children Is A – Pediatricican, Happy Hour Is Considered as What? – Cheap, A Certain Way of Looking At Something – Perception
Trivia Search Level 215 – Solve The Anagram: Tarehew – Weather, The Power Of Seeing – Sight, A Certain Type of Trip – Vacation, Necessity To Travel Abroad – Passport
Trivia Search Level 216 – A Distinctive Smell – Scent, One Must Ask For… – Permission, Number or Amount That Is Part of A Whole – Percentage, Flavor In The Mouth – Taste
Trivia Search Level 217 – Paid To Win Cases – Lawyer, The Person Agaonst The Claim Brought In Court – Defendant, Find the Related Words. Judge: _____:_____ – Referee, Umpire
Trivia Search Level 218 – Going Under The Knife – Surgery, An Expert In The Field – Specialist, A Type Of Warrior – Samurai, Willing To Wait… – Patient
Trivia Search Level 219 – Happens on A Yearly Basis – Anniversary, A Tradition Is Also Known As A _____ – Ritual, Find the Related Words. Wife: _____:_____ – Companion, Spouse
Trivia Search Level 220 – Controlling Your Inner Desires – Discipline, How You Act Under Certain Circumstances – Behaviour, Find the Related Words. Attitude: _____:_____ – Mindset, Mood

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