Trivia Search Level 121 to 140 Answers

Here are the answers to Trivia Search Level 121 to 140.
Trivia Search Level 121 – Attire Worn at Night – Pajamas, Imagination During Sleep – Dream,

Something you Might do While Asleep – Snore
Trivia Search Level 122 – To Overcome and Take Over – Conquer, Highest Ranking Officer – General, An Encounter Between Opposing Forces – Battle
Trivia Search Level 123 – Nickname for Members in the Marine CORPS – Jarhhead, Everyone Wears the Same Thing – Uniform, A Hand Gesture Respect – Salute
Trivia Search Level 124 – No Place Like Home – Earth, Divider of our Hemispheres – Equator, Also Known as a Dwarf Planet – Pluto
Trivia Search Level 125 – Includes Watery Eyes – Yawn, Failure to Sleep – Insomnia, Mental or Physical Exertion – Fatigue
Trivia Search Level 126 – A Slang word for Boss – Kingpin, One Great Strength – Powerful, Power to Cause change without Direct Force – Influence
Trivia Search Level 127 – Unwilling to Give up and Persistent – Relentless, Dedicated to Cause – Committed, Feeling of Being Gertain – Belief
Trivia Search Level 128 – A Reason To Explain – Excuse, Another Term for A Liar – Fibber, Refusal to Believe or Accept the Truth – Denial
Trivia Search Level 129 – A Slang for a Close Guy Friend – Homeboy, Confidence Placed in Someone – Trust, A Feeling of Deep Admiration for Someone – Respect
Trivia Search Level 130 – To Reach and Attain by Effort – Achieve, A Desired Result to Obtain – Goal, Devoting to a Particular Task or Purpose – Dedicate

Trivia Search Level 131 – A Number Two – Pencil, Something to Erase On – Chalkboard, What Does a Student Give Away? – Apple
Trivia Search Level 132 – Increased By Fourfold – Quadruple, Similar in Every Detail – Identical, A Set Two – Pair
Trivia Search Level 133 – Can’t Take your Eyes Off Something or Someone – Mesmerized, Power of Attracting Through Personality – Charm, In the Eye of the Beholder – Beauty
Trivia Search Level 134 – Something Meant to be Kept Unknown – Secret, Free From Public Attention – Privacy, A Person Who Acts Deshonestly to Gain an Advantage – Cheater
Trivia Search Level 135 – Acting in a Hostile Manner – Belligerent, A Serious Disagreement or Argument – Conflict, To Stop Doing Something – Quit
Trivia Search Level 136 – Money Used in Other Country – Currency, Another Word for Some Who is Cheap – Stingy, Person Using ton of Money to Buy Things – Spender
Trivia Search Level 137 – A Massive Explosion – Nuclear, A Sound When a Bomb Goes Off. – Kaboom, A Term Used for Portable Guns – Firearm
Trivia Search Level 138 – Another word Used for a Thief – Crook, Held at Gunpoint – Robbery, Money Paind Release Someone Held Hostage – Ransom
Trivia Search Level 139 – Information To Prove Innocence – Evidence, Emotions To Doing Something Wrong – Guilt, Until Proven Guilty – Innocent
Trivia Search Level 140 – Crazy And Bold Photographers – Paparazzi, Solve The Anagram: Moafus – Famous, Liked By Many People – Popular


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