Words In A Pic Answers and Cheats

Words in a Pic is a very interesting and fun filled game to play in your IPhone, IPAD, Android phone or Facebook.The game is in nine languages namely English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish. The game is designed by Qiiwi Interactive and it had more than 100000 downloads in android and IOS.

The rules of the game is pretty simple.

  1. You need to find the words that matches the given picture.
  2. The given picture has three words associated with it.
  3. All the letters needed to find the words will also be listed.

No registration is required to play the game. The game is highly addictive that will keep you entertained for a very long time.

My name is James Osborne and through this website I will be helping you in cheating the game :D(just kidding) by providing the solutions to the levels when you get struck. I know that it is very frustrating to get struck in a level and to move to next level you might need to do in app purchases. So to avoid all those hassles, I have come up with this website. I will try to provide the answers in all nine languages. My primary language is English, so please correct me if I make mistake in any level of other languages.

Click the links here to download the game in your phone - For IPhone | For IPAD | For Android | For Facebook

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